Awful Wrestling’s Nasty November

Come out for a fun night of Awful Wrestling’s Naughty November in the Fishtown District, on Friday, November 12 starting at 8:00 PM at the outdoor stage at the FIllmore at 29 E Allen Street. Watch as 8 professional wrestlers battle it out in the ring in 4 matches. Enjoy music, food and a truly unique evening!

Imagine you are 8 years old. You and your friends are imitating your favorite 1980s/90s wrestlers in the living room on the plush couch and wall to wall carpet.  From the other room Mom yells “Knock it off!”, but nothing can stop that fake punch and elbow drop from the top couch cushion.  Now imagine that same thing in a REAL wrestling ring with middle aged artists, musicians, and comedians in silly costumes. Imagine an event with all the pomp and flair of 80s/90s wrestling but with 5% the athleticism. This is AWFUL Wrestling!


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