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Fishtown District is the umbrella for Fishtown Kensington Area Business Improvement District (BID) and Fishtown Co. The BID is a formal entity that allows property and business owners to come together to make a collective contribution to the improvement of their commercial district. Fishtown Co. is a member-based group with businesses joining to promote and pool resources for events, security, and marketing. Members of Fishtown Co. fall outside the geographic area of the BID, but as an organization, they can benefit from the programs.

Established in 2019, the Fishtown Kensington Business Improvement District began working to brand the Fishtown District as the ideal spot for entertainment, travel/vacations, dining, shopping, wellness, books, art, and music. Our growing corridor is mentioned in local, regional, and national publications as a must-see for anyone visiting the City of Philadelphia.

Discover what Fishtown District has to offer, “Find it in Fishtown.”


From eateries and bars with outdoor dining areas such as Frankford Hall, Fette Sau, Pizzeria Beddia, Goose Island, Bottle Bar, and the El Bar to the indoor elegance of WM Mulherin’s, Hiroki, Cheu, and the award-winning Mediterranean delight of Suraya, Fishtown has food to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Combine the culinary delights with the entertainment of places such as the Garage, Murph’s Bar, Johnny Brenda’s, Lloyd’s Whiskey Bar, Fishtown Social, and the Fillmore and you have so many options you will want to come back every night to try something new.

“Find it in Fishtown”

Looking for something to do? Fishtown has live music, farmer’s markets, street fairs, and so much more.

Dress shops, art galleries, hair salons, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars are all here in Fishtown. Search for your favorites or try a new one!

Real estate listings in Fishtown and Kensington for businesses and rentals. Get your open retail space listed here.

Fishtown News:

The latest on happenings in Fishtown District for business, shoppers, and visitors.





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