Fishtown District Business Directory Maps

The Executive Team at the Fishtown District recently put together several directories and maps for the different business categories in our bustling corridor. These include, Services, Retail, Health & Wellness, and Food & Drink. Each directory features a list of all the businesses within the District and their address, as well as a corresponding map which helps visitors plan their route through the stores, shops, taverns, and entertainment venues.

Our goal is to provide customers with an easy way to see all the different businesses and provide opportunities from cross-promotion. The directories will be distributed prior to the start of the holiday shopping season, and we anticipate that the directories will be revised and printing quarterly.

Each business within the corridor will receive copies of all 4 directories. You are encouraged to hand them out, put them in bags, showcase them in your entrance, and guide visitors to use them.

If your business is missing or you see a correction that needs to be made, please contact Kae Anderson at Kae@fishtownbid.org.

Click on images below to enlarge or download

Fishtown District Services Directory & Map

Fishtown District Retail Business Directory & Map

Fishtown District Health & Wellness Directory Map

Fishtown District Restaurants, Taverns, & Entertainment Venues Directory