Fishtown District Forms a Safety Survey for Stakeholders

Fishtown District Forms a Safety Survey for Stakeholders

The Fishtown Kensington Area Business Improvement District (BID) was created to plan and fund services to improve and preserve our neighborhood. As of January 2020, operations began under the Fishtown District, which is comprised of Fishtown Kensington Area Business Improvement District and Fishtown Co.

A BID is a formal authorization by City Council to provide a formal collective organization which collects funds based on assessments of the property. The BID has official boundaries, and businesses and commercial properties within that specified area work to decide what is best for improving their community.

The Board of Directors for the BID are made-up of residents, business and property owners and others. The Board along with the executive team and under the guidance of the committees and stakeholders will determine the best way to use the funds toward public safety, marketing, operations and beautification.

We believe that the formation of a BID allows us to work together to improve the quality of life of our residents as well as the success and growth of our businesses, including enhancing public safety, improving parking and pedestrian access, cleaning streets and sidewalks, overseeing responsible growth, attracting businesses and creating more jobs, branding and marketing the district, providing more promotional programming and hiring full-time staff to manage all of the above.

With these goals in mind we came together to explore how a BID can help us ensure the Fishtown area continues to be a great neighborhood to live, work and visit.