Second Thursday March – Gallery Night

January 12th is Second Thursday in the Fishtown District!  Join us on Frankford Ave and American St for a night of art & gallery exhibitions.

Check out the participating exhibitions below:


Figuring Space 

The Clay Studio
1425 N American Street

Twelve human scale figurative sculptures by artists around the United States
On view January 12, 2023  until April, 16, 2023

The Clay Studio : Shop


Centennial Rust by Christine McDonald

AUTOMAT Collective
1400 N American Street STE 105

Join us for an opening reception on Second Thursday, from 6-9pm. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Demolition Derby and General Motors’ invention of aesthetic retooling, Centennial Rust considers the lifespan of vehicles through the manipulated processes by which they are produced, preserved, and pressured into entropy. Multimedia artist Christine McDonald situates herself and her vehicle amidst the complicated relationship between production and destruction to investigate the origin of and destiny for obsolete vehicles.

This exhibition will be on view at AUTOMAT Collective from 3/09/2023 – 4/08/2023.

Unquiet Fury: The Women’s Uprising in Iran

InLiquid Art + Design
1400 N American Street

Unquiet Fury: the Women’s Uprising in Iran presents the work of Iranian American, Nazanin Moghbeli that was made in response to the cultural uprising that began in 2022 and was led by women. Moghbeli’s work abstracts traditional Persian calligraphy and combines it with Farsi poetry and fragments of CIA documents, capturing the undulating course of Iranian culture and national identity.
This exhibition will be on view at the InLiquid Gallery from now until March 9, 2023.


Lost Light Luv

InLiquid Art + Design
1400 N American Street

Lost Light Luv encompasses thirty years of analogue photography and master printing by Leah Macdonald. Join us for the opening reception this Second Thursday from 6-9pm.  Join us on Saturday, March 18th from 4:30-6:30pm for Leah Macdonald’s artist talk, book signing, original monoprints, and a darkroom installation. Reserve a spot HERE
This exhibition will be on view at the InLiquid Gallery from now until 4/15/2023.


Steph Foster + Kris Graves + Sheldon Omar-Abba

TILT Institute Honickman & Richardson Gallery
1400 N. American Street Suite #103

This exhibition explores different facets of the Black experience through photography and video, examining structural systems of power and collective encounters within the community. Photography above by Steph Foster.
*Artist talk with featured artist Steph Foster March 16th RSVP HERE
This exhibition will be on view at TILT from 2/9/2023 – 3/25/2023.


Devotion to:

Second State Press
1400 N American St Suite # B103
Join us this Second Thursday from 6-8pm for the opening of our Spring 2023 Fob Holder Exhibition, Devotion to:.  *In addition, we will be hosting a suminagashi (paper marbling) demo and a pop-up shop! This event is free and open to the public.***Interested in becoming a Fob Holder at SSP? Summer 2023 Applications are open! Fob Holders are granted 24/7 unlimited access to the studio in exchange for 12 hours of work a week at the shop. Learn more!
This exhibition will be on view at Second State Press from 03/09/2023 – 04/26/23. 

20/92 Video Festival 

Icebox Project Space
1400 N American Street

Icebox Project Space is proud to present 20/92, our annual Video Festival. Screenings of the show will be every two hours during our regular gallery hours: Friday and Saturday 12-6 and Sunday 12-4pm.  Closing reception is this Second Thursday 3/9/23.
This exhibition will be on view at the Icebox Project Space from now until March 9, 2023.


Here After

1400 N American St # 107

Here After is a two-person exhibition featuring the work of Megan Biddle and Erin Woodbrey. Working across two and three dimensions, the work in Here After toggles between registers of time and physicality. The exhibition will be accompanied with “The Old, the New, the Fossil: Megan Biddle and Erin Woodbrey’s Here After,” an essay by Leah Triplett Harrington. 
This exhibition will be on view at the Tiger Strikes Asteroid from now until April 1, 2023.


Chitra Bichitra! চিত্র বিচিত্র ! चित्र विचित्र!

Peep Projects
1400 N American St. #109

Peep is pleased to present a two-person exhibition “Chitra Bichitra! চিত্র বিচিত্র ! चित्र विचित्र!” with artists Aparna Sarkar and Pallavi Sen. Born in New Delhi, India, Pallavi Sen is an interdisciplinary artist, working with installation, printmaking, textiles, and intuitive movement. An uncompromising and invested dabbler, her latest interests include the lives of birds and animals, South Asian costumes, traditional architecture, rituals, altars, deities, the history of pattern, and eco-feminism. Aparna Sarkar is a queer, first-generation Indian-American oil painter, living and working in Brooklyn. She paints in collisions — of abstraction and figuration, decoration and structure, and flatness and perspective. 
On view until April 13, 2023.


Medium = Message?

Corridor Contemporary
1315 Frankford Ave

Corridor Contemporary is proud to present our latest group exhibition Medium = Message?.
Does medium inform message or rather act as an isolated conduit for the artist’s intentions? Is medium solely a vehicle for meaning, or is meaning inextricably linked to materiality, construction, and process?
Medium = Message? presents a diverse group of local and international artists whose work engenders questions such as the aforementioned.
The works featured in the exhibition present a variety of modes and materialities ranging from unique approaches to traditional formats including film photography, oil and acrylic painting, and charcoal/graphite drawing to experimental video techniques, exploratory improvisational working methods fusing digital and analog processes, and practices using atypical working materials such as syringe injected bubble wrap.
When exploring this disparate, yet unified, body of work, consider questions of whether the materials inform message, whether the message informs the materials, or perhaps consider an isolated approach in which the notions of medium and message exist independently of one another.
Featured Artists:
Samantha Carell | Bradley Hart | Taher Jaoui | Michael Manning | Anthony Rondinone | Kenny Scharf | Tyler Shields | Arinze Stanley | Michel Platnic