Second Thursday February – Gallery Night

January 12th is Second Thursday in the Fishtown District!  Join us on Frankford Ave and American St for a night of art & gallery exhibitions.

Check out the participating exhibitions below:


Figuring Space 

The Clay Studio
1425 N American Street

Twelve human scale figurative sculptures by artists around the United States
On view January 12, 2023  until April, 16, 2023

Also stop in their shop for unique handmade Valentine’s Day gifts: The Clay Studio : Shop


AUTOMAT Collective
1400 N American Street STE 105

A vestige is that which is left behind: a reminder of medical process, the tracks of a zoo animal, the detritus of industrial change, or the remnants of color across a dense canvas.  This exhibition presents the work of four artists who explore such haunting traces as they are left by organic and inorganic forms.  These works envoke damage and regeneration through new configurations, oscillating between sustaining life and sapping it.  Through the mediums of painting, sculpture, and video installation.  Min Back, Mae Eskenazi, Adrienne Reid and Vy Trinh ask us to consider the entanglement of bodies and materials in our contemporary environments– and what survives in the wake of these encounters.  Vestige features the work of UPenn MFA candidates and is co-organized by Emma Nell Jacobs and Lynette Quiyang Shen.
On view January 20, 2023  until February 11, 2023

Unquiet Fury: The Women’s Uprising in Iran

InLiquid Art + Design
1400 N American Street

Unquiet Fury: the Women’s Uprising in Iran presents the work of Iranian American, Nazanin Moghbeli that was made in response to the cultural uprising that began in 2022 and was led by women. Moghbeli’s work abstracts traditional Persian calligraphy and combines it with Farsi poetry and fragments of CIA documents, capturing the undulating course of Iranian culture and national identity.
This exhibition will be on view at the InLiquid Gallery from now until March 9, 2023.

Valentine’s Collage Social

Second State Press
1400 N American Street Studio B103

Join us at Second State Press on Second Thursday from 6-8 for a Valentine’s Collage Social! Attendees can hang out, chat, and make Valentine’s themed collages. Materials will be provided, but feel free to bring any additional materials wanted. This event is free and open to the public. While you’re here, browse our monthly print pop-up shop and catch the last glimpse of our 12th Annual Member Print Exchange exhibition!

20/92 Video Festival

InLiquid Art + Design
1400 N American Street

Icebox Project Space is proud to present 20/92, our annual Video Festival. Screenings of the show will be every two hours during our regular gallery hours: Friday and Saturday 12-6 and Sunday 12-4pm
This exhibition will be on view at the Icebox Project Space from now until March 9, 2023.

Sublime: Kristen Jordan, Melissa Ling, and Cobi Moules

1400 N American St # 107

Tiger Strikes Asteroid Philadelphia (TSA PHL) is pleased to present Sublime, a three-person exhibition featuring the work of Jordan Kristen, Melissa Ling, and Cobi Moules. Through the multiplicity of media of the work presented, the artists, selected through TSA PHL 2023 open call, present multiple approaches to the idea of a landscape, and take an ontological approach to its relationship to social, historical, and artistic discourses.
Sublime, as contraposed with the realities of the term within the art historical dialogue, becomes a proxy that embodies the landscape on an expanded form. Either through a series of nature’s fragmentary glimpses presented in Ling’s paper drawings, the temporal mixed media meditations expressed by Jordan’s work, or the questions raised by Moules regarding queer bodies in nature as an expression of the socio-political “American” landscape, our relationship with these changing paradigms is meant to erode the limiting boundaries of the conception of natural space and explore the nuanced vastness of our surroundings.
From a curatorial perspective, the show presents itself as a reflective exercise of the ways in which Covid-19 has pushed our social discourse to discuss and embrace the exterior space as an elemental part of the human psyche, supported by the presentation of elements that allow readings that travel between multiple relational spheres, constructs, and the state of the individual.
This show is curated and organized by TSA PHL member artists.
On view until February 11, 2023

In Praise of Folly

1400 N American St. #109

Opening Reception: January 12 | 6-9pm
Peep is pleased to present In Praise of Folly, a new sculptural installation by Jonathan Santoro. In Praise of Folly uses the self-diagnostic tool of addiction recovery treatment, HALT (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired), to explore post-lockdown social disengagement. HALT is intended to help those struggling with addiction identify their triggers and meet their basic needs. Here, each emotion/need is interpreted as an animistic hubcap encapsulated in modified tires. Referred to in title as “The Four Horsemen,” these characters drool, seethe, weep, and doze off, cartoonishly exaggerating their troubled states. Overhead, amber fluorescent lights glow, casting a pall over the room, like a foreboding sky that signals a coming storm.
On view until February 17, 2023.

Medium = Message?

Corridor Contemporary
1315 Frankford Ave

Corridor Contemporary is proud to present our latest group exhibition Medium = Message?.
Does medium inform message or rather act as an isolated conduit for the artist’s intentions? Is medium solely a vehicle for meaning, or is meaning inextricably linked to materiality, construction, and process?
Medium = Message? presents a diverse group of local and international artists whose work engenders questions such as the aforementioned.
The works featured in the exhibition present a variety of modes and materialities ranging from unique approaches to traditional formats including film photography, oil and acrylic painting, and charcoal/graphite drawing to experimental video techniques, exploratory improvisational working methods fusing digital and analog processes, and practices using atypical working materials such as syringe injected bubble wrap.
When exploring this disparate, yet unified, body of work, consider questions of whether the materials inform message, whether the message informs the materials, or perhaps consider an isolated approach in which the notions of medium and message exist independently of one another.
Featured Artists:
Samantha Carell | Bradley Hart | Taher Jaoui | Michael Manning | Anthony Rondinone | Kenny Scharf | Tyler Shields | Arinze Stanley | Michel Platnic